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Cnc Motors

Nema 34 style Stepper Motors
This 465oz motor gives you the power you need for rapid transit times and is perfect for both plasma and routing applications. Combined with our 5:1 Reduction, each motor yields 2232 oz. in. torque, providing excellent resolution.

NEMA 34 HIGH TORQUE STEPPER MOTOR 465 oz-in,1/2” shaft with a flat, 60 mm
CPK-34H260-60-4A (Single Shaft) $99

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Nema 23 style Stepper Motors
This size motor is great for opertating Z-drives or for your smaller Desktop CNC applications. They can be used witl belt drive transmissions or coupled with heilcal beam couplers..

NEMA 23 BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR 425 oz-in, 1/4” Diameter shaft with a flat
CPK-23H286-20-8B (Dual Shaft) Specification Price: Rated Current: 2.8A, Rated Voltage: 4.17V (in Bipolar Parallel) $56


NEMA 23 BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR 282 oz-in, ¼” Diameter Shaft with flat
KL23H276-30-8B (Dual Shaft) Specification Price: $46