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Lead Screws & Nuts and Helical beam couplers

Heat Treated Acme Lead Screws
Here are Acme Lead Screws from 1/4" to 5/8". You pick what size and start you want with the appropriate Lead Nut to match. These screws are more affordable than the stainless.

1/2"-10 (2start) $32.50 per ft.



Anti-Backlash Lead Screw Nut
1/2" ACME Anti-Backtlash Leadnuts
My 1/2" size ACME Leadnuts share the following specs:
◊ Stock Flange: 1.500" dia. x .250" thick.
◊ Overall length: 1.125".
◊ Spring clearance needed: .850" dia. minimum

(1/2",2-start) AB-500 $25 ea










Aluminum Helical Beam Coupler

The Beam flexible coupling is formed from one piece of aluminum rod. A
spiral slot is cut through the length of the aluminum tube forming a “spring”
center section referred to as a helical coil or beam. The flexure allowed by
the beam portion of the coupling is capable of accommodating angular,
parallel and axial misalignment while continuing to convey power between
the attached shafts. This results in a single piece, true flexible coupling.

It also has a very high tolerance to heat, chemicals, and cor-
rosion that would be harmful to conventional elastomeric flexible cou-
plings. The Miniature Beam coupling design is very well suited for small
shaft applications and the inherent requirements of start/stop/reverse
applications where zero backlash and extreme positioning accuracy are
important. This coupling operates either clockwise or counter clockwise
without sacrificing windup or torque capabilities.

Click for Spec Sheet

EC112 (3/8" to 1/2") $58.95